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Reliance Global trainings are aimed at enabling the trainees to be practically well versed (productive) & at the same time be familiar with Industry best practices & emerging trends. These training programs are constantly upgraded / refined to maintain sync with Industry requirements. Experienced & Certified technologists deliver the training programs & mentor the trainees. Reliance Global combine technology expertise with cognitive understanding in ensuring each of the trainees is able to learn & apply complex of technologies with relative ease.
IT Consulting
Normal track: Traditional class-room based training where instructor leads the training through presentations & explanation. Normal track training involves typically 1.5 to 2hrs per day, 6 days a week, for a specified length of duration in days.
Fast track: Training programs on weekends for longer hours on latest technological advances / practices / approaches. More suitable for working professionals who may not be able to participate during weekdays because of professional commitments.
Weekend Training: Training programs are conducted on Saturdays & Sundays for full day, usually 10am to 5pm, on focused technology / approaches / techniques by specialists in that area to present hands-on practically useful information to the participants.
The objectives of Weekend Classes are to provide fast and advanced educational experiences by allowing students and instructors to participate in one on one training, inorder to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by giving personal attention during the learning process. This is a perfect solution for software professionals or students who need training within a short span of time and only on Weekend, it may be due to their busy schedules and Commitments. Students can experience the classroom training with personal attention.
Reliance Global Provides Weekend Classes to aspirants who are looking for change or Growth in their Career or Students planning to go Abroad.
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