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Competency development through- Strategic Innovation in Training and Recruitment
Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment, is an offering from the Reliance Global umbrella combining a unique process to tap intellectual capital, and bridging it back to the area of the need; Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment is our innovative and versatile offering for the corporate and academic world.
Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment is a single piped effort by Reliance Global to successfully address the age long problem of bridging, corporate & the academic gap. It infuses a better approach to the Human Resource consuming IT Industry to capture the second tier of Engineers passing out of the academia. It immaculately weaves the missing threads for the independent goals prevalent with Industry, Colleges, Training Institutes and HR agencies. Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment is modular and provides solutions to the Industry in a structured yet integrated manner. The modules are
Second Campus
RPO-Recruitment Process Outsourced
Finishing School
Second Campus complements the intensive capabilities of the corporate to attract creamy layer from the academia. The corporate approach to second tier in the academia is diffused, and hence, Reliance global second tier engineers the academia across the country under one roof termed Second Campus.
Second Campus is a fine sieve, where Reliance Global picks up the good as the creamy layer but were missed out during the screening mechanism adopted by the corporate during the campus recruitment drives. This is intended to save huge executive time, travel time and recruitment costs for the corporate and yet be able to select the talents.
Second Campus on the other hand acts as a knowledge repository to the many Fresh Engineers who miss the corporate bus for lack of finesse. These large chunks of resources are trained to improve learning abilities not only technically but also hands on exposure as well as to shape up personality so that they can be deployed directly on to projects.
This is an innovative module of HR fulfillment strategy in Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment, which dramatically reduces the time to deploy an advantage that IT companies readily welcome.
The RPO offers HR Fulfillment services under On-site and Offshore models and incorporates the best breed practices of Visual scrutiny, Screening through aptitude & technical tests, Group discussions and Interviews, and ensures almost 100% selection of the candidates at Client Companies. This is indicative of the uncompromising selection standards set by us. The process is simple yet very effective and is accomplished by specialist groups internally.
This module is designed to give the last mile push needed for Strategic Innovations in Training and Recruitment. Finishing School is a career wind tunnel where the candidates are trained and tested before committing them to the challenge of flight in the corporate world.
Reliance Global Key Strengths in Training
Reliance has good brand image in the training market as it only depends on the word of mouth campaign from the associates of the previous batches as we have strong customer service processes in training.
Reliance enjoys the advantage of matured business model for total life cycle of the competency development right from training enrolment till the professional is placed in to the projects either in to the internal projects or deploying them for consulting requirements of our clients.
Reliance has strong marketing force of around 10 people spread across four locations Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Noida to support the training division in placing the trained professionals with various clients.
Strong retail training experience over last 7 years trained more than 25000 professionals on varied technologies
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