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Creating and distributing summaries and analysis of everything from raw materials and workflow planning to cash flow and balance sheet is the lifeblood of all businesses. But just being able to generate a report is not enough - you need to be able to easily design the report and analyze it from a multi-dimensional approach.
Reltrack is a business analysis and forecasting tool designed to deliver information to the end user quickly and correctly. It is log in specific and configurable to meets the demands of different levels of business management; delivering only the information that applies to them.
But that's not all that's required: there's also the problem of supporting multiple report types, automation, integration with other applications and processes. Reltrack solves this requirement by providing maximum flexibility in report output file format, and user access control.
RELTRACK is a comprehensive business tool which integrates and delivers information for:
Customer Profile
Quote Tracking
Online Ordering
Order Tracking
Sales Analysis
PPV Analysis
Inventory Analysis
Reltrack is designed to be fast, flexible and user friendly.
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